Your Gift Today Makes A Difference

Rescue a person in need with the legal help they need

Your Gift Today Makes A Difference image

Rescue a person in need with the legal help they need

Your Gift at Work

Your gift is needed, and your gift will make a difference.

Your donation will provide legal services to local people who need but cannot afford them.

You've seen the needs in your community: Seniors can't afford their health care. Families are being wrongfully evicted. Immigrants are living in fear. Children with disabilities aren't getting the help they need.

The systems designed to help them move too slow and are too complicated. You know a lawyer can help them navigate the bureaucracy, but for needy families the cost of a lawyer is out of reach.

You can rescue a person in need with the legal help they need.

You can help people like Sammy.

Sammy is a local boy who can't go to preschool because he doesn't have a wheelchair. His mom can't afford one for him, and the system that's supposed to help kids like Sammy is holding him back.

Sammy is on a 6-month waiting list for a wheelchair.

He has multiple disabilities. The sooner he can get to preschool, the sooner he'll be connected to the extra help and support he needs. Children develop so quickly at his age. Six months is a lifetime for Sammy and for his mom.

Your donation today can cut through the bureaucracy that is keeping Sammy from his wheelchair.

Your gift will make sure that Sammy gets help from a lawyer who is an expert in the systems and laws designed to help and protect Sammy and others like him.

You'll do even more than that! You'll help your low-income neighbors keep their housing, help fearful immigrant families navigate changing laws, and make sure seniors can afford to buy essentials like medicine and food.

Please donate today!